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MTU Yuchai Power Generation OEM Customers Gathering in Yulin to Seek Common Development

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Recently, the power generation OEM customers of MTU Yuchai Power Company Limited gathered in Yulin for deep discussion of the market development of MTU S4000 series engines of Yuchai. Tobias Ostermaier, Vice President of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG and President of MTU in Greater China, Jin Shixin, CEO of MTU Yuchai and Huang Zhenping, CSO of MTU Yuchai attended the meeting.

Ou Tuodong gave a welcome address and introduced the development history of MTU in China. According to Ou Tuodong, the production of MTU S4000 series products serves as another milestone and ushers in a new era in the global development of MTU.

Jin Shixin made a comprehensive introduction to MTU Yuchai Power Company Limited and its MTU S4000 series products. According to him, the S4000 series engines have excellent performance in both power generation field and in ships, mine and railway with more stringent technical requirements. At the end of last year, MTU Yuchai Power Company Limited was praised as "one of the benchmarking enterprises of MTU" by the President and top management team of MTU. Its construction of factory, workshop and test bench and production and manufacturing of products are completely in accordance with the global unified standards of MTU. At present, its almost all parts are imported from Germany.

Reportedly, the customers attending this meeting cover almost all the heavyweight land generating set manufacturers in China, including such powerful state-owned enterprises as CGGC, SUMEC and listed Tellhow, as well as Pauway mainly engaged in the Belt and Road and VPOWER focusing on overseas market. During the whole day's activity, the participating OEM customers visited the production workshop of MTU Yuchai and spoke highly of the environment, equipment and professionalism of the workshop, with full confidence in the products manufactured by the joint-venture factory.

In the afternoon, OEM customers, MTU sales team and MTU sales force conducted an in-depth exchange of future market development and sales expansion. At the meeting, they exchanged experience, unified the ideas and tactics, and put forward numerous new ideas and suggestions for market expanding, which will certainly play a significant role in the development and expansion of MTU Yuchai.

(By Liang Pingping)

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