Machining Workshop

I. General Situation of the Heavy Machining Workshop
All the heavy machining workshop of Machining Plant adopts advanced steel frame structure, central air conditioning system with an investment of RMB350 million. The most advanced equipment in the world consist of a flexible production line including 41 Heller horizontal machining center and two Durr cleaners made by Germany, a whole set of Marposs detecting system from Italy, as well as some auxiliary equipment such as domestically-made cleaning machines, transportation system. The equipment could change procedure and tooling for processing various types of machines at any time according to requirements and adapts to varietal market demands with higher flexibility and efficiency.

II. Heavy Machining Technology
The Heller machining center in the workshop is characterized as high precision, high reliability, high rotation speed and automation and machine precision reaches the level of ü. Moreover, most of the cutters used are advanced and excellent well-known brands at home and abroad such as Titex stepped drill, gun drill made by Botek Corporation, clamped milling cutter without regrinding, coating carbide blade and ceramic tip made by Walter Company, the beck-branded adjustable boring bar and the advanced hilt of HSK etc. The adjustment of cutter adopts the advanced tool setting gauge made by Zoller Corporation of Germany, which features high accuracy of measurement for the diameter and length of cutters. Meanwhile, the workshop adopts world-class shrunk instrument made by German Guling for a gapless cutter installation, which assures the beating degree and stability of cutters. The German Walter tool sharpener could assures the accuracy and durability of regrinding cutter, which ensures the stability of processing quality. In addition, it detects, supervises products by utilizing the world –leading Italy Marposs measuring system to conduct the detection and monitoring for products in assuring the stability and reliability of product quality.

III. Flow of Heavy Machining
The workshop mainly processes the key parts of the YC6M and YC6L series of diesel engines-cylinder block and cover. The left side of the channel is the production line for cylinder block and the right side is for cylinder cover. The processes in the machining such as lathe, milling, drilling, boring, reaming and tapping could be completed in succession in one machining center. All kinds of complex forms could be machined according to requirements. The cylinder block and cover made in the workshop are firstly milled from the six external surfaces and then followed by internal drilling, beaming and tapping and the like for various holes and surfaces. Next, the processes of high-precision boring, reaming and milling will begin and finally comes to the phases of clean, packing and storing conducted by Durr cleaner made by Germany.

IV. General Situation of Heavy Machining Products
The production capacity of the workshop for cylinder block and cover exceeds fifty thousand sets annually with a supervised stable product quality. The critical size CPK is over 1.67, which boasts leading technological and quality level in the country. As a new generation four-valve diesel designed and developed jointly with AVL corporation of Europe, YC6M diesel is celebrated for its totally improved property, more mature technology, powerful and reliable performance, efficiency and fuel saving, low noise and environmental protection, which is the truly upgraded power for heavy-duty diesel engine. With a power covering from 280-390 Hp, it’s the best 10-litre displacement heavy-duty engine of the current China. YC6L diesel is a new generation efficient professional engine aiming for the characteristics of coach, which integrates the latest modern four-valve technology of Europe, wet sleeve high supporting technology and the proprietary technology of forced cooling piston in Europe, as well as adopts P7100 fuel injection pump and strictly implementing the machinery development procedures of German EEV Corporation. As a result, it could be found with totally improved property, more mature technology and better cost performance. So, it’s a powerful, reliable, and efficient and fuel –saving, low-noise and environmentally-friendly upgrade power for coach. Now, both 6M and 6L diesel have passed the certifications of TUV, the duel emission of SEPA, which could satisfy the emission standards of national Ⅲ and Ⅳ levels.

After processing in the workshop, the engine products will be transferred to the heavy machinery fitting test workshop of the Engine Plant 1 through conveyor line.

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