Engine Assembly Workshop

Since its original construction in 2004 and the operation in 2006, the heavy machinery fitting and test workshop of Engine Plant 1 covers an area of 16,000 square meters with a total investment of 230 million Yuan. The production line is totally designed and manufactured by the famous Krause and Koester corporations of Germany. The workshop is dedicated to manufacturing high-end machines and dominated by building industrial benchmarking thanks to its constantly perfecting for its importing of lean manufacturing and assembly line in recent years.

The dominated products include the YC6MK, YC6M and YC6L diesels and gas engine with an annual production of 80 thousand set. Among, the power of YC6L is 240-350Hp(176-257Kw),which is firstly reaches the  emission standards of national Ⅲ to European Ⅵ.The property takes precedence over domestic peers with an advantages of several years and occupies the bus market share of over 50% in Beijing. With a power of 300-470 Hp(221-345Kw), the YC6MK diesel features leading property, powerful and reliable performance, efficiency and fuel saving, low noise and environment protection and so on as a heavy machinery product launched in recent years and the new powerful benchmarking in the market of heavy truck. The heavy machinery products are mainly supplied to the auto makers such as Dongfeng, King Long, Yutong, Beiqi Foton, Ankai and Jinhua Youth etc. As the newly welcomed product in recent years, its gas engine holds a prominent advantage in the sectors of coach, bus, truck and engineering machineries etc. Presently, the engine is mainly supplied to Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicles, Dongfeng Xinjiang Corporation and GAC and the like. Meanwhile, it is exported to the countries such as Thailand and Malaysia etc.

As a dust-free workshop with central air-conditioning, the heavy machinery fitting test production line boasts a leading level in the industry regarding engine manufacturing. It adopts full-automatic paint spraying technology with robot and realizes the highly difficult automotive manufacturing like the automatic assembly for camshaft and valve key etc. Meanwhile, it researches and uses advanced bolt-on method, namely, the angle of rotation(for cylinder bolt, the method could better accurately controls axial force compared to the method of moment and also eliminates the fake momental phenomenon made by the rag of thread. Further, the production line is synchronously assorted with the QDM quality control system, OMS production management system and MES manufacturing execution system, as well as popularizes electric wrench in all its moment positions, which realizes the functions of on-line measurement, online collecting, and dynamic information management and the like in the whole productive process. In addition, all the 18 platforms and beds for delivery test have been equipped with management information system and further successfully use laser navigation AGV (the core parts imported from Sweden).

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