Foundry Center

As the large-scale production base in manufacturing the castings like engine cylinder block and cylinder cover, the foundry has four foundry production lines, which represents the casting equipment levels of the end of the 1980s and the early twenty-first century. The products cover the key core castings such as the engine cylinder block, cylinder cover and crankcase of the light, medium and heavy types of the whole Yuchai series. The foundry center boasts an annual casting production of 180 thousand ton with a comprehensive rejection rate less than 2%.

Affiliated to the foundry, the foundry center is founded in the national industrial zone-Yuchai Industrial Zone. With a general plan covering an area of 1,800 Mu, the foundry center boasts a total investment exceeding two billion Yuan with six foundry production lines with an annual casting production of 0.3 million ton, which is the biggest foundry production base of Asia. At present, the first and second foundry production lines have been completed.

As the first-stage project, the first foundry production line of the foundry center is specializing in manufacturing engine cylinder block with an investment 0.45 billion Yuan and an annual production of 45 thousand ton. Launched in April of 2008, the production line was completed and put into operation in March, 2010.

The second foundry production line, namely, the second-stage project, is specializing in manufacturing engine cylinder cover with an investment 0.51 billion Yuan and an annual production of 38 thousand ton. The project started in May, 2010 and is planned to go into operation in April, 2013.

The foundry center is characterized by high starting point and high standard with advanced crafts and equipment in the industry of the country, which highlights as below:
■ Advanced equipment. The critical and important working procedure adopts well-known imported equipment in the world and the auxiliary one uses domestic first-rate equipment, which consist of a first-rate foundry production line in the country featuring efficiency, quality, low-cost, stability, reliability and environmental protection.
■ Overall smooth logistics. All the five major working sectors of core making, and conditioning, modeling, smelting and clean adopt a streaming production operation of high mechanization and automation, which relieves the heavy physical labor of staff and could effectively improve production efficiency and process quality.
■ Bravely get rid of the traditional fusion technology. The adoption of sole electric-furnace smelting could reduce the influences from the detrimental impurity like coke in the smelting process of cupola and the human factors in the smelting operation process, lessen slag blow holes of casting and effectively lower burden costs on the basis of ensuring the texture stabilization of all kinds of cast iron grades and improving the internal quality of casting. Furthermore, it could decrease production process and production people, eliminate the internal and outer emission pollution made by cupola smelting.
■ The foundry center first adopts robot core setting technology in the world, which improves quality and saves materials. The robot core setting increases casting precision, greatly decreases the labor intensity of staff. The materials for casting could be minimized to 6%.
■ The foundry center uses the casting afterheat aging technology for heating processing initiated nationwide and invented by the foundry, which takes full advantage of casting afterheat, further lowers the energy consumption of annealing furnace. Thanks to the technology, it improves production efficiency and shows obvious effect in relieving stress.
■ Thoroughly change the appearance of the clean sector. It realizes a first-rate operation by optimized processing set-up and reasonable equipment adapting. Besides the improvement in ability and quality, it could even more effectively get rid of the dirty, disorder and bad situation concerning the traditionally placing of casting in clean sector.
■ More scientific processing set-up and reasonable equipment adapting in modeling sector. The robot core setting technology could improve the precision of core setting and then assure the accuracy of casting, which further lowers the weight of casting and working allowance, as well as makes for reducing the cost for cast product.
■ Core making sector highlights technological level. By adopting the core making craft with cold core box, the two core making centers are arranged in parallel. All the crafts such as core operation, core assembly, dip coating, hole drilling, hauling and lettering will be handled by robot, which demonstrates higher production efficiency and lower labor intensity.

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