R&D Strength

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai) has formed a comparative perfect innovative idea and system with the development and accumulation over the past six decades. With the implementation of brand innovation strategy, Yuchai group constantly launches the products and technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights, which realizes the significant transformation from "Made in China” to "Created by China”, from "Industrial Manufacturing” to "Green Manufacturing”. In 2008, it was rewarded the qualification of national –level high and new technology enterprise. In 2010, it acquired the qualification of national torch plan key new high-tech enterprise and thus became the fourth batch of innovative enterprise test unit and in the following 2011, it became a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise.

I. R&D Institution
The R&D institute of Yuchai composes of the six sections such as R&D Center, Product & Strategic Planning Department, Manufacturing Technology Department, Quality Department, Quality Improvement Deparment and Application Development Department etc. Among, the R&D Center is the core for the technological innovation of Yuchai and the power source of sustainable development.
Presently, Yuchai also possesses some innovative platforms such as the national engineering laboratory on energy-efficient ,energy conservation and environment protection internal combustion engine, Guangxi Diesel Engineering Institution, Guangxi Combustion R&D Center Aiming for an Industry Valued at One Hundred Million Yuan, National Enterprise Technology Center, Enterprise Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, CNAL, the Appointed laboratory by CCS, academician workstation, Guangxi Internal Combustion Engine Engineering and Technological Research Center and the Small Highland for Guangxi Diesel Power Talents etc.

II. R&D Center
As the core for implementing the innovation strategy of Yuchai and major carrier, R&D Center sets up seven institutes, six departments and one center, which has established a true opening cooperative development platform integrating production, study and research. Product technology R&D platform and public service platform facing the whole industry

III. Innovative Talents
Yuchai possesses powerful R&D team including over 1200 people. Among, six of them enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, four of them are Bagui scholars and specially-invited experts, 27 doctors, 240 masters, over 710 people with medium or high level professional titles. The experts committee invites over 30 well-known domestic experts including two academicians and eight professional-level experts.

IV. Conditions for R&D
Yuchai owns the two scientific research bases of Nanning and Yulin covering an area of 222.6Mu, which passed the certification of national confirmed lab in 2006, the lab system certification and the CCS certification in 2010 respectively.
1. Experimental Ability - It currently has 84 thrust stands, which is the most in the country and totally cover the engine test for light, medium and heavy type concerning power. Therefore, it has the widest power coverage in the industry and keeps pace with the world with its test equipment level. It could carry out the engine test for the national 5, Europe Ⅵ and Tier 3 at the same time and meets the requirements of the current stage of the industry. Especially, in consideration of the experimental ability for Europe Ⅵ, it could carry out real-time measurement for the number of the non-volatile particles with the diameter from 23nm-2.5m and the measurement accuracy of the gas analyzer for ammonia gas measurement could reach 1ppm, which stays the same with overseas well-known organizations such as AVL,FEV and Ricardo and has a great advantage compared to its domestic peers.
2. Trial-manufacture means - The united laboratory shop of Yuchai Engineering institute totally adopts the imported high quality precision equipment such as the DMG five-axis machining center made by Germany, the MAZAK horizontal machining center, VMC, vertical CNC lathe from Japan and the Hexagon CMM made by Sweden, which are characterized by high precision, reliability, automation, automatic detection degree and could conduct the trial-manufacture for most parts of the diesel engine cylinder block, cylinder cover, motor casing and so on for the 500 sets of medium-sized engines under the specification of 12 liters. Among, the five-axis machining center could keep a machining precision within 0.004mm, which represents the highest standard in the country.
3. R&D Platform - Now, a process system of YCEDP adapting for China’s actual conditions has been tentatively formed through the further improvement and perfection for the former product process of research and development, the reference for the experience of the overseas advanced engine R&D institutes as well as the exploration for the theoretical practice for driving and innovation. As a result, it realizes the modularization development and design for diesel engine. The rate of reuse is improved by 35% and the product design circle is shortened by over 45%.The product development efficiency improves by over 30%.Thus, the R&D platform boasts an advanced level in the industry.
4. R&D Data Platform - With the "six-in-one” database platform for internal combustion engine including the databases of engine design, test, material, technology, competitive products and standards established, Yuchai has firstly formed a set of complex mechanical and electrical products modular design method facing to product family in the industry.
V. Inovative Results
Yuchai firstly launched the national 4 diesel engine, non-road Tier 3 diesel engine and national 5 gas engine, which fully demonstrates the leading position in the domestic internal combustion engine industry of the group concerning the state’s direction for energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as providing green power, which vastly promotes the implementation of the emission regulation of the country.
1. The group has successfully created high pressure common rail fuel system through independent research and development such as the high-pressure oil pump with the withstand voltage of over 1600 bar and low inertia common rail oil sprayer. The group breaks through the technological monopoly of the multinational corporations from America and Europe and takes the lead in completing the matching application of the instruments in the engines of the national 4 and Tier 3, which improves the competitive force of the engines made in China.
2. The ECU and the DCU of SCR with proprietary intellectual property rights developed successfully break through the blockade on techniques of overseas suppliers, which realizes the localization application of control system and shortens the technological gap by five years compared with foreign countries.
3. The developed internal combustion engine low temperature combustion system realizes the ultra-low emission of NOx and PM, which lessens the reliability for the current high-cost and large volume aftertreatment system, and provides reference for the industry.
4. The first Tier3 marine diesel engine developed successfully marks a new milestone regarding the laboratory marine engine emission technology, which accelerates the industrial development as well as put into force at least seven years prior to the implementation stipulated in the convention of Marpol.
5. The group has established a core technology platform for the diesel engine exhaust emission aftertreatment adapting to the special market requirements of China, particularly developed the storage and control strategy for low temperature ammonia, solves the applicable difficulties of low speed and low exhaust gas temperature in city bus, effectively reduces the pollutant emission of city bus and boasts an advanced level in the world regarding its engine emission level.
6. With the various innovative technological breakthrough such as engine structure design, combustion development, emission standard and electronic control and so on in the core technology platform, Yuchai has developed the energy conservation diesel engine fitting for China’s national condition and boasting advanced level in the world, which greatly shortens the gap between China and foreign countries. Among, the control technology for combustion and emission has basically reached international advanced level. Particularly, the power density, thermal efficiency and B10 has been widely used in more than 100 major auto models nationwide totally reached the leading level of the world, which sets example for the national industry and brands.
7. The jointly completed project "internal combustion engine full working condition high supercharge critical technology and engineering application " by Yuchai, together with Weifang Fuyuan Supercharge Co., ltd., Tsinghua university and Shandong Fuyuan power Equipment Co., ltd. has realized industrialization and breaks through the pressure boost technological monopoly from the foreign countries. Currently, various types of advanced high supercharge engines have been exported to some South American countries like Chile etc.
8. The developed internal combustion engine has the same level with overseas products step by step regarding environmental protection and energy-consumption indexes. In consideration of its advantage of low price, it has the strength to compete with overseas brands. The internal combustion engine products of Yuchai exported in 2013 had witnessed an increase of 20% on a year-on-year basis, which further lifts its international competitiveness and influence as a domestic brand.
Under the Macro-economic situation of economic structural adjustment and industry transformation and upgrading carried out by the country, Yuchai, aiming for the realization of scientific development and leaping development, is conducting its "starting a new undertaking” by taking "transformation and upgrading” as core and the construction of Yuchai Industrial New Town as carrier. Concerning innovation is a critical link in promoting the starting of a new undertaking, Yuchai will continually build the self-independent innovation system and working methods with Yuchai characters. With the help of the scientific guide and great support from higher authorities, Yuchai will constantly speed up its promotion and application for innovative products and guide the technological progress of the whole industry.

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