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Yuchai's China VI Wealth Creation Event in "70 Years and 70 Cities" & the 14th China Annual International Energy Conservation Competition Held

2021 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of Yuchai,and the first year of formal transformation to the implementation of China VI emission standards.On September 29,Yuchai held the opening ceremony of the China VI Wealth Creation Event in"70 Years and 70 Cities"(Shanxi Station)&the 14th China Annual International Energy Conservation Competition in Shanxi,and also launched brand activities such as"Challenge on Tik Tok Themed on Surging Yuchai&Thumb-up for China"and"SANY Zhiyuan Club&Jiangshan=Traveling around the Country".This is an event for Yuchai to share the development achievements over the past 70 years,and also a comprehensive review of Yuchai's China VI products jointly conducted by Yuchai together with its customers,partners and media authorities.

Since this year,Yuchai has joined hands with OEMs,authorities and testing institutes to evaluate the performance of Yuchai's China VI products in a neutral,impartial and objective manner,with the aim to fully verify the products and make the products undergo severe tests,allow customers to have a deeper understanding of Yuchai's products and to reduce users'selection cost.

These products include YCY24 light-duty engines,YCK11 and YCK13 heavy-duty engines,diesel engines and gas engines.The application scenarios include deserts,Gobi and plateaus in western China,road sections with traffic jam in northern China and alpine roads in northeast China,as well as specialized testing ground in Dingyuan of Anhui Province.The vehicles equipped with these engines are selected from mature vehicle manufacturers such as Dongfeng,FAW Jiefang and Commercial Vehicle Co.,Ltd.of Shaanxi Automobile Group,as well as newcomers in the industry such as SANY Heavy Truck.The test is a comprehensive test of lifecycle operating cost,including long-distance reliability test and fuel consumption test.

In May,Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi diesel pickup trucks equipped with YCY24 light-duty engines provided full escort for the 7th Gobi March.During the march,the trucks easily passed through a large number of sand dunes and earth slopes,experienced heavy rain,and passed through the muddy Gobi roads after heavy rain.

In June,the Dongfeng Changxing D7V gas tractor,equipped with YCK13N China VI high-horsepower engine and loaded with 49t cargo,set off from Xi'an,the starting point of the Silk Road.After passing through long earth slopes,high-altitude areas and depopulated zones in Shaanxi,Gansu,Qinghai and Xinjiang,the truck finally arrived at Urumqi,the capital of Xinjiang,with a travel period of 7 days and a total travel distance of more than 3,000 km.

At the 14th China Annual International Energy Conservation Competition held in September,the Chenglong H7 equipped with YCK11 China VI high-horsepower engine set off from Handan and arrived at Chengdu,with the travel distance of more than 1,500 km and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 27.6L/100 km.The event"SANY Zhiyuan Club&Jiangshan=Traveling around the Country"was held,with the aim to perform limit test on the engine along the 4,000km route to Tibet.

Through these practical tests and brand activities,Yuchai has gained the reputation of"professional and reliable,economical and effortless"for its products.On the basis of facts,data and product strength,and through practical tests on products,Yuchai's China VI products,including YCY24 light-duty engine with the best quality,YCK05 four-cylinder engine with the maximum horsepower,and 11L heavy-duty engine with the lightest weight and the lowest fuel consumption,have been increasingly accepted by users.

The events"70 Years and 70 Cities"and"Challenge on Tik Tok Themed on Surging Yuchai&Thumb-up for China"are important bridges built by Yuchai for communication with customers.Yuchai will hold communication activities with its dealers and customers and specially organize large exhibition activities in about 70 cities in China and overseas,with the aim to listen to the voice of customers,thereby creating customized products and services for customers.Users can search the topic"Surging Yuchai&Thumb-up for China"on Tik Tok to participate in the activity and share the bonus of over CNY 100,000.

Over the past 70 years,Yuchai has developed from a small local factory to one of the top 100 global auto parts suppliers,creating one miracle after another in the industry.To be specific,Yuchai has always taken the lead in the development of China I~China VI models,and developed China's first domestic independent automotive chip ECU,China's first ISG hybrid power for bus,China's first Euro VI and China VI diesel engines,and the world's first power-split hybrid powertrain.Yuchai has always led the development of the industry from the perspective of user needs and driving the development of the national industry.

Yuchai always adheres to the customer-centered philosophy to achieve high-quality development driven by scientific and technological innovation.This year,Yuchai has achieved cumulative production and sales volume of more than 10 million units,becoming the first enterprise with a record of 10 million units in the diesel engine field in China.

Throughout the 70 years of Yuchai's development,it is not only the history of self-improvement of all Yuchai employees,but also the history of development together with Yuchai's customers,dealers and partners.Cheng Yongming,Deputy General Manager of Commercial Vehicle Sales Company of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor,one of Yuchai's important strategic partners,sent congratulations to Yuchai on behalf of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor.Cheng said that Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor has cooperated with Yuchai for dozens of years,and both sides shoulder the historical responsibility of revitalizing the national brand.Cheng hoped that in the future,Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor and Yuchai would overcome all obstacles,forge ahead and grow together,further enhance the strategic cooperation between both sides,build a community of destiny,continue to provide more professional,convenient and efficient services to users,and make contributions to the rapid development of China's logistics industry with originality.

It is reported that 22 sets of K11N were delivered on site.This is rare and commendable in the current context of high gas prices,proving that the reliability of the product has been improved and the advantages of the product has been gradually reflected through preliminary operation and improvement.

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