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Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

A Global Diesel Engine Manufacturer

Who Are We?   Founded in 1992, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai for short) is the first Chinese-foreign joint venture in the domestic industry listed abroad and the president unit of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association (CICEIA). 

Where Are We?  Yuchai engines are exported to more than 180 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Headquartered in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, we have 11 subsidiaries and distribute our production bases throughout China and have also established joint R&D centers and marketing branches overseas. We have an annual sales revenue exceeding 30 billion yuan and an annual engine output of 600,000 sets.

Our Mission  With the mission of "Achieving customer value and driving better lives", Yuchai is committed to the public’s demand for power with excellent and advanced power systems, continuously enhancing the value of engine products. We have designed a product line focusing on horizontal layout and development in depth and breadth, and established the product range featuring broad application areas and balanced development between conventional and clean-energy engines. 

Our Products Yuchai engine products cover 14 major platforms, 49 series and more than 2,000 categories with a power ranging from 15KW to 4,200 KW, including diesel engines, gas engines, fuel cells, hybrid power system, pure electric system, engine range extenders and electric drive axles. 

Our Advantages & Applications With the advantages of high horsepower,  high torque, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low noise, low emission and high adaptability, Yuchai engines have become the ideal choice for trucks, buses, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, marine machinery, power generation machinery, and special vehicles  all around the world.

Adherence to independent innovation

Yuchai adheres to independent innovation and stands constantly to meet new challenges in power technology by virtue of unique technological innovation system. In the field of engine research, we have always seized the commanding heights and launched the first engines that comply with China I~VI emission standards ahead of counterparts, leading the green revolution in the engine industry.

  • 5800
    We own more than 5,800 authorized patents and total number of authorized patents has ranked first for 15 consecutive years. There are also 23 inventions authorized by PCT international patents.
  • 80
    We have taken the lead in developing and revising more than 80 domestic and international industry standards for internal combustion engines.
  • 6
    Six scientific research achievements, including "Key Technology of Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Diesel Engines and Commercialization", won the National Science and Technology Award.

Our Research Base  Yuchai has set up three R&D bases,  located in Yulin (China), Nanning(China) and Europe. We have a national enterprise technology center, a national engineering laboratory for internal combustion engines, a national accredited laboratory, a post-doctoral research station and an academician expert enterprise workstation. In addition, Yuchai has established joint development centers with more than 40 domestic and foreign research institutions to create an international cutting-edge research base. Yuchai ranked No.1 in National Enterprise Technology Center in 2021.

Our Technology We have an advanced intelligent factory based on Industry 4.0, and have built Yuchai Rapid Manufacturing Base of State Key Laboratory of Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment. Our patternless rapid prototyping technology and many other technological achievements have reached the international advanced level; our project "Digital Casting Workshop for Medium and Large-sized Engine Cylinder Blocks" was selected as part of the 2015 National Intelligent Manufacturing Program.

Our Quality In China VI phase, we have invested more than 30 billion yuan in fully upgrading the engine production line to improve the efficiency and quality of engines. In the manufacturing process, we follow the quality philosophy of "zero defects and zero tolerance", and carry out life-cycle reliability management to ensure stable and reliable quality of every engine product, and have therefore been nominated for China Quality Award for two consecutive years.

Our Service "Forging brand by professionalism, creating value by quality service", Yuchai has established a marketing management system integrating product sales, application development, after-sales service and spare parts sales. With a leading independent spare parts service network in the domestic industry and a perfect service network in the world, we have established 19 vehicle engine regions, 12 general-purpose engine regions, 11 marine & G-drive engine regions, 29 after-market offices, more than 3,000 service stations, and more than 5,000 spare parts sales outlets in China. With 16 offices, 228 service agents and 846 service outlets in Asia, America, Africa and Europe, we are able to provide international warranty service. Relying on marketing, technology marketing and service innovation, we provide "quick and sincere" services for users at home and abroad, and continuously create greater value for our customers.

Our Future In the future, Yuchai will focus on building a quality, technological and internationalized YC DIESEL according to the 2025 Strategic Planning. To be specific, our five-year plan is to surpass our domestic counterparts and strive to become the leader in China's internal combustion engine industry, and our ten-year plan is to become a world-renowned engine manufacturer and realize our vision of "Being the global leader for professional power systems".

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