Service Philosophy And Service Commitment

Forging brand by professionalism, creating value by quality service

Service Philosophy & Service Commitment

  • Service Brand
    "Sincere & Fast" Yuchai Service
  • Service Tenet
    Do Everything I can to Serve You Sincerely
  • Service Slogan
    Yuchai Service, Sincere and Fast
Service Philosophy
The machine is in your hands and the service is engraved in my heart.
Speaking of must-do, doing it will be excellent.
The service station is the root of the OEM, the dealer's comrade-in-arms, and the caring person of the end user.
Every service starts with initiative, resides in sincerity, and finally satisfies.
Yuchai Service Values
Create value:Dedication, Quick Response, Professionalism, and Pursuit of Satisfaction
Enhance value: subdivide demand, focus on all aspects, gather loyalty, and build brand
Sublimation value: leading the standard, upgrading the industry, harmonious users, and serving the society.

Service Criteria

  • System of Service First
    Regardless of responsibility, serve first
  • System of Responsibility for First Inquiry
    Who accepts, who implements
  • System of Responsibility for Maintenance
    Who serves, who tracks
Service Commitment