Overview of China VI Production Line
Yuchai has invested more than CNY 2 billion on comprehensively upgrading the China VI production line, with the aim to build a "dark factory" that is automatic, flexible, information-based, intelligent, green and environment-friendly, and thus enable Yuchai to achieve a qualitative leap in manufacturing capability and catch up with the world-class level.
Based on 5G industrial Internet technology
Yuchai cooperates with Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other communication companies to build a demonstration model of industrial Internet. With the functions of equipment-to-point communication, multi-factory coordination, supply chain interconnection, production data monitoring and decision making, and transparent delivery with full traceability of orders, the smart shop has the highest level of information technology in China.
Fully automatic, flexible and visualized
Yuchai has integrated highly sophisticated equipment in the world into its new-generation China VI production line, including machining equipment of MAG (U.S.A), truss manipulator of LIEBHERR (Germany), honing machine of NAGEL (Germany), heavy-duty robots of KUKA and ABB, and leakage test and cold test stands of engine, realizing fully automatic operation of key processes, and creating a real "dark factory" (the factory can operate without light).
Cleanroom with constant temperature, constant humidity and micro-positive pressure
Yuchai adopts full-shaft tightening, segmented visual inspection for error proofing, cold and hot tests of engine, and intelligent factory management in all key processes of engine assembling.
0.001mm machining accuracy
The China VI intelligent manufacturing equipment adopted by Yuchai can achieve 0.001mm cylinder bore machining accuracy and <10mg impurities on the cleaning surface of cylinder block. With -196°C liquid nitrogen freezing technology for the machining of seat rings and guides, press-fitting can be completed within 10 sec and the delivery cycle of products on the external assembling line can be shortened by 2h on average.
Lean manufacturing (YCPS)
To promote the implementation of "Yuchai Intelligent Manufacturing 2025" and build an intelligent factory, Yuchai intends to invest CNY 5.2 billion on building a digital factory that reaches the level of German Industry 4.0, to truly realize intelligent whole process management from ordering by customers to production and delivery by the manufacturer. Yuchai has established engine manufacturing bases in such areas as Yulin (i.e. the headquarters of Yuchai) and Wuhu of Anhui Province, as well as 3 major casting shops, 20 engine parts machining lines and 9 engine assembling lines in Yulin.
  • 600000 sets
    Annual output of 600,000 engines
  • TOP1 article
    The largest casting center in Asia
  • 1 million tons
    Annual production capacity of 1 million tons
  • 3 billion yuan
    Investment of CNY 3 million in China VI phase by Yuchai on technological transformation for capacity improvement
  • Rapid Manufacturing Capability
  • Casting Capability
  • Machining Capability
  • Assembling Capability
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