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Construing China's Sense of Responsibility! Considerate Service of Yuchai amid the Pandemic

Thanks to the joint efforts of all Chinese people, the COVID-19 outbreak has been contained in China. COVID-19 is a test for every person and every enterprise. Fortunately, Yuchai passed the test and had numerous "countermarching people" who provided considerate services amid the coronavirus outbreak and offered support to fight the pandemic, fulfilling the responsibility of Chinese people and even Chinese enterprises.

Going All out to Race against Time and Strive to be Unsung Frontline "COVID-19 Warrior"

At about 23:00 p.m. on February 14, a police bus loaded with masks and protective clothing broke down suddenly in Suizhou, Hubei Province. Under that circumstance, Suizhou Public Security Bureau directly called Liang Yuping, head of Yuchai Kangcheng Service Station in Suizhou, who arranged a rescue trailer in no time, contacted the maintenance service personnel and applied for the traffic permit of rescue vehicle for pandemic prevention.

At that time, Suizhou was also an "important place" for pandemic prevention and control. All personnel and vehicles are strictly restricted in terms of getting in and out of the city. The maintenance personnel rushed to the site against the cold wind after getting the certificate. Upon arrival, the maintenance personnel immediately dragged the bus back and repaired it that very night, removing fault in a timely manner.

Although the bus has gone beyond the warranty period, Yuchai still provided free rescue and maintenance services, making its contributions to the fight against the pandemic. Meanwhile, the urgent repair by Yuchai service personnel ensured effective and timely delivery of pandemic prevention materials on the frontline in the battle against the pandemic.

On February 26, a vehicle with medical supplies for pandemic prevention failed to work normally due to insufficient power and water return of radiator on the expressway in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. At 9:06 a.m., Yuchai received a call for maintenance rescue. A car with an urgent task of transport from Xi'an to Wuhan failed to leave the expressway for repair due to traffic control for pandemic prevention.

After learning this, Yuchai's Shiyan Bus Service Station immediately made a report to the pandemic prevention headquarters and handled relevant procedures for the car. After the car arrived at the service station, the technical maintenance personnel conducted troubleshooting and located the fault quickly: supercharger failure, internal water leakage of EGR cooler and erosion of oxygen sensor due to long-time corrosion by the anti-freezing solution in the exhaust pipe.

Faced with these problems, the driver frowned and asked the Yuchai's maintenance personnel: "This is a China VI natural gas vehicle with limited supply of accessories, so can you handle these faults?  The emergency materials in the car must be delivered to Wuhan on the same day." The personnel of the service station comforted the driver while preparing parts for the car.    After knowing that the service station had reserved all the spare parts before the Spring Festival, the driver finally wore a pleased expression. Maintenance personnel quickly replaced the faulty parts and tested drive the car together with the driver. After confirming that the car worked normally, the driver finally cracked a smile.

The driver spoke highly of Yuchai's service station for this repair, saying "Yuchai's service is really good. You are the service station I met which provided the most correct and quickest troubleshooting".

Providing Sincere Services, as always, amid the Pandemic

Yuchai has been committed to providing users with "quick and honest" services, enabling it to enjoy a high reputation among users and lead the industry to move forward.  In the face of the special situation of the pandemic, Yuchai, as always, put quickness and honesty first and provided good round-the-clock services.

On February 3, a user in Xingtai, Hebei made a request for repair of his trouble light that sounded an alarm and went off. After on-site inspection, Yuchai's maintenance personnel found that the engine needed to be replaced due to major failure, so Rongfei Service Station in Handan was arranged for follow-up repair.  Given that the repair time was long and there was few restaurants opened during the outbreak of the pandemic, the maintenance personnel of Rongfei Service Station brought ham, bread and boiled eggs as meals for the day.

Yuchai's maintenance personnel of Rongfei Service Station in Handan, Hebei Province repaired the car.

At around 22:30 also on February 3, Yuchai's Huanyu Service Station in Shenzhen was assigned to provide rescue services for a truck full of seafood on the national highway in Huidong County, Huizhou City. To provide intercity rescue, the maintenance personnel had to travel very far and might be quarantined. Despite that, Huanyu Service Station still stuck to the service principle of "user first", arranging maintenance personnel for the service in a timely manner.   At 1:00 a.m. the next day, the maintenance personnel arrived at the destination at the fastest speed and conducted troubleshooting quickly, ensuring normal running of the truck and timely delivery of goods. The user spoke highly of Yuchai's 24-hour quick response service.

On February 27, in Changzhi, Shanxi Province, a user driving towards Lucheng on Qingdao-Lanzhou Expressway reported that his vehicle failed to be refueled and the idling speed was high. At that time, it was snowing heavily with heavy fog and the visibility was less than 50 meters, but Yuchai's Linkai Service Station in Changzhi city, upon receiving the rescue task, immediately arranged maintenance personnel to the scene.  Two maintenance personnel worked in the snow, until their clothes and shoes were all wet by the snow water. They still talked and joked with the user and watched him go, to ensure that the vehicle worked normally before their return.

Despite dreadful pandemic and severe weather, Yuchai service personal touched users with their professional dedication. At Yuchai's service stations in Guizhou, Suzhou of Anhui, Xiaogan of Hubei and other places all over the country, there are numerous such "countermarching people" who make contributions in the background. They fulfill their missions with concrete actions, showing the sense of responsibility of Yuchai people and even Chinese manufacturers.

In the days ahead, Yuchai will continue to take the initiative, construe the sense of responsibility with practical actions, and touch users with heart-warming service, in an effort to help win the battle of pandemic prevention and control.

(By Zhang Gaoyang,

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