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Good News for Yuchai’s Logistics and Service Chain: the annual incoming tonnage of Western Guangdong Agricultural and Sideline Products Comprehensive Trading Center (W•APE) Breaks 1 Million Mark

The important part of Yuchai Group's logistics and service chain, W·APE, which is mainly managed by Maoming Zhongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd, has seen a breakthrough - the cumulative incoming tonnage exceeded the 1 million mark in 2020, up 13.1% year-on-year.

Since its establishment in 2015, W·APE has started five commercial activities of vegetables, fruits, flowers, frozen products, and seafood; the trading volume of foodstuffs, dry goods, daily necessities, grain, and oil is flourishing. It is worthy of the Maoming people's "shopping basket".

Although somewhat affected by the COVID-19 in 2020, Zhongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd effectively expanded its business channels, stimulated market trading volume, and strengthened its management foundation through multiple-effect promotions and innovations. By optimizing the structure of market merchants, the market introduced and screened high-quality customers and filled the vacancies in categories; by adjusting the business strategy, vacant assets were efficiently utilized, which effectively enhanced the operating income and increased the market trading volume; the online charging system was fully implemented to accelerate the efficiency of entering and leaving the market of operators and purchasers; by actively visiting famous wholesale markets in China for study and communication, the management efficiency was further improved.

At the same time, the W·APE never forgets the mission of the "shopping basket" and pays attention to the pandemic prevention and safety work. Through measures such as building organizations, strong security, the market actively carries out joint prevention and control, to earnestly focus on production and operation with one hand and COVID-19 prevention and control with the other; through the regular organization of staff safety training, and taking door-to-door on-site training on fire prevention and control for merchants, the market has created a good atmosphere of group prevention and control and tightened the safety defensive line.

Zhongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd is a key agricultural leading enterprise in Guangdong Province, mainly operating the project of "Maoming (Western Guangdong) Agricultural and Sideline Products Comprehensive Trading Center". The project is a key project of Guangdong Province and a major livelihood project of Maoming City. It covers an area of 1200 mu and is divided into three sections: the W·APE trade center, the logistics processing center, and the business visit center. The project will build a new first-class platform for modernized large-scale agricultural and sideline products trade in the west of Guangdong with a large scale, excellent resources, and complete configuration, and will base on the western Guangdong, to influence the whole Guangdong, radiate the whole country, and try best to build a first-class agricultural products wholesale market in China.

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