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Date:2021-10-26 Font Size
Yuchai's YC6MJ Boat Engine Successfully Supported 15m Official Law Enforcement Boat

Recently, the 15m official law enforcement boat with Yuchai's YC6MJ800L-C20 high-speed boat engine completed its maiden voyage test at the yacht factory of Plenty Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. During the test, the maximum speed reached 49.5 knots, achieving the expected effect.

YC6MJ800L-C20 boat engine is a boat engine with high power per liter developed by Yuchai for the high-end boat market, which exceeds 50 kW/L for the first time in the industry and reaches the advanced level in the world. The product is suitable for 15-20m official business boats, yachts and speedboats, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands in the high-speed boat engine with the power in this range by virtue of high power per liter, lightweight, small volume and other competitive advantages, and becoming Yuchai's another powerful tool to march towards the high-end high-speed boat engine market.

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