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Yuchai 13L Heavy-duty Engine Exported to Vietnam in Batch

Recently, nearly 100 mining vehicles equipped with YC6K13 heavy-duty engines with 13L displacement of Yuchai have been landed in Vietnam through Guangxi Pingxiang port to participate in the construction of Vietnam's coal and electricity projects.

From September to December this year, Shandong Pengxiang Automobile Co., Ltd. successively received orders for nearly 100 sets of mining vehicles from Vietnam coal and electricity projects. With the advantages of high horsepower, high torque, fuel saving and etc., Yuchai YC6K13 heavy-duty engine was selected for this export order.

This big order also confirms once again the great charm of Yuchai brand in Southeast Asian market. Vehicles and machinery equipped with Yuchai heavy-duty engines can be seen everywhere in countries of Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. These products are widely used in mineral exploitation, tourism and passenger transportation, construction engineering, logistics and transportation projects of Southeast Asia.

The reliability, economy and good adaptability of Yuchai engine have always been praised by Southeast Asian customers. As of this year, Yuchai has exported more than 200,000 engines to Southeast Asian countries, accounting for about 55% of the total overseas exports.

YC6K13 is the flagship engine of Yuchai heavy truck. It integrates the current international leading engine technology with the same displacement, closely follows the current market, achieves B10 life of more than 1.6 million km, has a period of more than 100,000 km for oil change and maintenance, and features fast start, fast acceleration and fast climbing. YC6K13 is a heavy-duty engine with high efficiency, high attendance rate and high return.

Since the beginning of this year, YC6K series heavy-duty engine has gained more and more customers' favor, and for the field of mining vehicles, has been matched with the main engine plants such as XCMG, Shandong Pengxiang, Shaanxi Tongli, LGMG, Shaanxi Tonly and Changzhou LiuGong. From January to November, sales volume of YC6K in the whole country showed explosive growth, with sales volume in Shandong region alone soaring nearly 200% year on year.

(Zhou Shixia)

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